Spotlex Ambassadors


Refer Customers to Earn Cash Rewards

Earn quick cash as a Spotlex Ambassador! We’re recruiting across south London and surrounding areas to promote our on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services. All you need to do is promote us locally, whether it be in a university, community centre or workplace.

How it Works:

  • Recommend our services on your blog, website, Twitter, Facebook, or by word of mouth
  • We provide flyers, gift vouchers, posters and other materials to support your efforts
  • We track each new order coming from your unique ambassador number
  • You make up to £30 for the first 5 new customers who complete orders using your ambassador number
  • You will be entitled to 10% of the profits gained for each order a customer makes with your unique ambassador number
  • Your 10% share of the profits gained from each customer who orders with your unique ambassador number will continue for every repeat order that each customer makes

 Anyone can use your code and there is no limit to the number of cash rewards you can receive when new customers order for the first time. Quick cash payments will go directly into your bank account two working days after an order is completed. We provide marketing materials and advisory support to help every ambassador reach the highest possible number of referrals.


Completing this form confirms that you agree with the terms and conditions outlined below.

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About Spotlex:

Spotlex offers online laundry and dry-cleaning services, which include additional specialisms such as alterations and commercial laundry. Spotlex collects, cleans and delivers in less than 48 hours within the square mile, south east London and Kent. This provides customers with a smarter and simpler way to do their laundry and dry cleaning. Spotlex is dedicated to providing the highest quality cleaning experience, through a trusted partner network.Our flexible collection and drop-off schedules prevent customers from dealing with restrictive opening times and online orders can be placed 24/7.

Our service is easy to recommend!

We believe our customers are the best ambassadors because you can share your own experiences of the services we offer.

Participation in our Ambassador Program

Any Spotlex Ambassador who is not a Customer can participate in our Ambassador Program. You just need to use your unique ambassador number to introduce new customers to our services.

Earning Ambassador Awards

We will award you for every valid customer you refer. A valid referral means that all conditions below are true:

  • Our tracking system identifies your ambassador number with each order the customer/s complete.
  • The customers you refer are new to Spotlex.

General terms :

  1. The customers you refer must place at least one order with Spotlex
  2. Your referral award depends on the number of new customers who use your unique ambassador number to order Spotlex services. The more customers you introduce to Spotlex the more rewards you receive.
  3.  You earn £30 for the first 5 new customers who complete orders using your ambassador number
  4.  You will earn 10% of the profits gained from each repeat order that customers make using your ambassador number
  5.  Individual customers cannot create multiple Spotlex accounts to the increase the number of accounts associated with your ambassador number, as rewards will be revoked in this instance
  6. You will receive cash payments via bank transfer
  7. Payments will be made to you in two working days once an order is complete
  8.  Spotlex reserves the right to cancel your ambassador awards at any time, should you breach our terms and conditions
  9.  Spotlex ambassadors only receive cash rewards when customers complete transactions and payments have been processed successfully
  10. Spotlex marketing materials, website links and any other promotional goods shall not be used for any purpose other than this program, all promotional materials shall be provided by Spotlex. Ambassadors should not create their own marketing materials or promotional goods.
  11.  Spotlex reserves the rights to amend, alter and  terminate the Ambassador programme at any time, at its sole discretion without liability and will notify ambassadors accordingly, should this happen.
  12.  Customer details cannot be shared with any third party (Ambassador) although evidence of payments which correspond with particular ambassador numbers can be provided on request

Referral Tracking

We use your ambassador number to verify the validity of each referral. Each customer must submit your ambassador code together with their billing information as this is the only way to verify that you have made a valid referral.

The postcode area we cover are :


SE2, SE3, SE7, SE8, SE9, SE10, SE12, SE13, SE14, SE15, SE16, SE18, SE28, E14, E16


DA1, DA7, DA8, DA9, DA16, DA15, DA17, DA18,

To contact us, please email