Cardigan (Dry Clean)


Cardigan – Dry Clean

We collect and clean your Cardigan  to the garment care labels. Delivered back on hangers ready to wear or put away. We typically deliver back within 48 hours.



Cardigan – Dry Clean

Cardigan – Dry Clean is the process of the use of chemical solvents instead of water. The solvents that we use are great at removing stains and are safe for many fabrics and dyes. If we are still unsuccessful in removing any of the stains we advise you accordingly on the next best possible action.It’s best to check the labels on your clothing.

Here are what these steps entail:

  • Inspection and tagging process: Once your garments  arrives our facility ,we inspect and creates a tag for your item/item.
  • Pre-spotting: Here is where things begin to get a little mysterious for us. Once we’ve dropped off our garments, our trained professionals will typically go through a pre-spotting process where there’ll actually apply a chemical solvent, vacuum, or heat to stains on your garment, which can help remove the stain in the actual dry cleaning process.
  • The Dry Cleaning Process: During this process , your clothes are placed into a machine and submerged into a non-water based solvent. From there, the machine rapidly spins the clothes to get rid of any excess solvent and releases warm air. Your clothes emerge completely dry.
  • Post-Spotting: Operatives will inspect your clothes for any remaining stains and residue and remove them using the same process they did in the pre-spotting stage.
  • Finishing: Once your clothes have gone through the complete dry cleaning process, they are pressed, steamed, or ironed for presentation.

The most popular dry clean items include suits, decorative dresses, trousers and bed linens. The items suggested for bed linens include duvet covers, blankets, sheets and throws. For more delicate items, we highly recommended to dry cleaning. For more detailed information, check the clothing label inside your garment to see specific cleaning instructions.

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